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Our Vacuum Lifter

Our Vacuum-lifter

Everything you need to save effort, work, time, worry and money
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Ergonomic vacuum-powered lifting device with a vacuum pump that generates lifting and suction power for moving various workpieces
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- easy to lift
- Easy and fast movement of the machine
Lifting capacity up to 300kg
Lifting height up to 1,8-2,5m
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Goal of vacuum lifter:
Easy lifting and handling
Integrated solution within your factory/production line
Heavy lifting is made possible

The focus is on providing safer and easier tools to assist the operator in handling different materials rather than handling them manually to reduce stress and injuries

Applications of the
vacuum lifter

Used in:

Household appliances
Mechanical processing
Steel, solar, glass, etc.

Handling of products


  • All types of bags: in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Use of a special gripper for all types of bags


  • Ideal for picking up light to heavy boxes to avoid high risk of injury and tiring movements


    • the movement of barrels, with a considerable radius
    • Suitable for 15 - 300 kg drums


    • The roller grab can handle up to 300 kg
    • It can rotate forward or left/right 360 degrees


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    It can be used in the process of truck unloading, processing and packing as well as truck loading
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    Mobile picker-lifter is used for picking ordered packages to move them easily across production site
    Many of our global customers move goods and products from A to B in their production process.

    We want companies to focus more on safety and efficiency, making life easier for employees and saving both time and money along the way.

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