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Our Network

Our portfolio includes suppliers from several Asian countries with a wide range of strengths. What unites all of them is the quality standard and the relationship we maintain with them.

Promise of quality

Through close cooperation with our parent company Rieckermann, we have a unique network of Asian packaging machine manufacturers. This network of diverse manufacturers has a range of certificates, qualifications and proven technical know-how.

But how exactly can we keep our promise of quality ?

Firstly, we have our own internal quality requirements and checks. Through local presence on site, we can ensure that the standards are met. We have service technicians in the respective countries to check quality requirements and to accompany and carry out machine acceptance tests locally. We have been working with most of our partners for years and, with the Rieckermann Group, we can build on a considerable customer reference list ranging from international corporations to medium-sized local companies.

On the other hand, in addition to their own internal certification processes, our manufacturers carry out external and independent tests that follow international standards in order to meet the requirements in the European market.

Long Relationships

With our long-standing cooperation partners, we are able to supply you with the right machine, with all the requirements you need for your production. Partnerships do not develop from one day to the next, but are the result of long-term, qualitative and trusting cooperation. These partnerships in Asia as well as in Europe are unique and help you to overcome various hurdles.

With our trust and our location abroad, we overcome the most diverse business barriers for you.  

  • Communication barriers
  • Cultural barriers
  • Technical barriers 
  • Legal barriers
  • Logistic barriers 
  • Trust difficulties

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