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Who are we?


Our Story

Machine2B is the answer to a question that no one has ever answered the way we do.

The question is: What does one have to do in order to make the significant advantages of today's Asian mechanical engineering in terms of price and delivery times available to European customers in such a way that they are satisfied with their decision every day?

We saw and continue to see developments, particularly in German medium-sized businesses, that are driving a demand for inexpensive and quickly available packaging machines.

The machines should at the same time be reliable and user-friendly, but also easy to maintain and to repair, and of course inexpensive to purchase the machine, format tools and spare parts.

However, because in everyday life every machine can only be as good and profitable as the associated service and rapid supply of spare parts allow, this is a crucial part of the solution.

Our business model is the answer to the question and the market need to solve common problems such as skills shortages, ever-shortening product life cycles, budget constraints and ever-increasing production costs.

The impulse for the question came from the over one hundred and thirty years of history and experience of our parent company, Rieckermann GmbH. Even in the fourth generation, the most important task of the owner family is to find answers to market transformations and challenges.

For this purpose, the subsidiary JR New Horizons GmbH was founded, which, in addition to Machine2B, promotes other brands and companies that fit sensibly and sustainably into the values, tradition and capabilities of Rieckermann GmbH.

machine2b Logo
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Rieckermann's History

Rieckermann GmbH is a private group of companies that offers industrial solutions worldwide. The company employs more than 750 people in 24 offices in 17 countries in Asia and the Middle East.

Founded in 1892, Rieckermann has established itself as a leading provider in its core markets and industries to such an extent that the brand name has become widely known in the industrial sectors of Asia. Rieckerman stands for maximum reliability and the most modern production technologies in Asian industries.

Rieckermann's service portfolio covers the entire value chain in nine industries and includes everything that production companies need for their success, from machine sales and services to the planning, financing and implementation of complete turnkey production sites.

Rieckermann is strongly represented in the packaging industry and has excellent connections to the most modern mechanical engineering companies in Asia, which have particularly benefited as Rieckermann’s customers from tooling and production machines, process and other industrial services.

Machine2B benefits from:

  • Local offices in the Asian regions and Europe
  • Service technician on site
  • Quality manager on site
  • Personal contacts with suppliers
  • Industry experts
  • 120 years of experience in global trade in goods