Back 2 Basic in the packaging industry

The world is overrun with innovations and high-tech solutions for all kinds of applications. The same innovative turnaround is taking place in the packaging industry and the machines that go with it. Complicated features, exploding costs for machines, and a compulsion for complex automation solutions are often the result.

However, we believe that there is a worthwhile middle ground between high-end and low-end machines that is of interest to many mid-sized companies. According to our surveys, the majority believe that as long as a machine achieves the desired output, it does not need a lot of "bells and whistles" to achieve the same result.

In fact, many are concerned that reliable and efficient filling and packaging machines do not necessarily also have to be oversized, complicated and expensive if you focus on the right aspects. So simplicity, where simplicity is possible and useful, creates space and resources for low-cost and application-friendly machines made of high-quality materials and components.

Don't get us wrong, we also believe in an innovative process. But this should still be correlated to affordable prices, so that resources can be used for other important hurdles in your company to increase the success of your business.

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