Second hand machines

High-quality and expensive packaging machines have a reputation for durability and efficiency. It is an investment that is of a long-term nature and for which a certain price has to be paid. New machines are naturally the first train of thought when talking about durability and functionality. However, second-hand machines are also increasingly offered on the market and meet with great demand and interest.

Buying a used machine has some advantages, but also some disadvantages.

Used machines have the following benefits:

- Often 30-50% cheaper than new machines
- Lifespan can still be very long (with good maintenance and quality)
- Used machines are predestined for short test phases for new lines/products; after testing, a new machine can always be considered
- Sustainable action (in the sense of the environment) of the company when reusing machines that are no longer used
- If the expected production is not to run for a long time anyway (short term production), you get a faster amortisation with a used machine

However, second-hand machines also have some risks:
- Older machines often have a lower energy and performance efficiency compared to new innovative machines
- Running time of second-hand machines can fluctuate
- Increased chance of breakdown risks if the machine suddenly stops working due to technical defects
- With older machines the supply of spare parts can be limited
- Uncertain availability in the market and therefore uncertainties in production and investment planning
- Lower probability of finding a suitable and compatible machine for your production line on the second-hand market
- "Hidden Damages": There can always be defects on the machines that have been overlooked during maintenance and inspection
- On the second-hand market there is usually no service included
- There are rarely guarantees on second-hand machines

Each company has to evaluate for itself whether a cheaper second-hand machine with the risks mentioned or a new machine is more worthwhile.

However, there is also a third option to maintain quality and efficiency and make comparable lower investments. Sourcing machines through us from Asia brings investment advantages and has none of the mentioned disadvantages of a used machine. You also save money (20-40%) and can rely 100% on quality and European standards. We support you from project planning and procurement to after-sales service. We bring the best Asian machine manufacturers to Europe and stand for quality and trust abroad.

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