Dosing & Filling

Step 2 Dosing & Filling

After we presented the first step of the filling and packaging process with the filling preparation last week, now follows the presentation of the second step.
The second step in the packaging process is that of dosing & filling primary packaging. There are various machines for this, depending on the condition of the product and the method of filling.

Therefore, the question arises here:
What is the condition of the products? Liquid, pasty, lumpy, granulated or powdery?
Is the product filled by volume or weight?

This step is of great importance, as high demands are made here on speed and care. Accordingly, this part of the production line reflects a critical process.

Below you can see our multihead weigher, which is particularly advantageous when it comes to dosing fragile products. This includes bulk products such as crisps or nuts. Through this machine, primary packaging with bulk goods can be filled precisely, quickly and exactly according to weight.

Find the right machine for every product in our portfolio!

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