Filling Preperation

As already shown in our process presentation, the filling and packaging process consists of different sections.

Filling preparation deals with the handling of the filling products and the primary packaging, in the form of bottles, jars or other containers, before moving on to the actual filling process. Even here, there are various steps that are full of potential for increasing efficiency and saving costs.

Depending on the primary packaging and product type, so-called "bulk goods" must be sorted, checked, aligned, mixed and transported. Bulk goods are "lumpy" products that are stored in bags or large containers in bulk. The bulk product is transported by machines commonly referred to as "feeders", which come in many different varieties. They are connected to dosing machines such as multihead weighers or screw feeders and automatically feed material from large storage bins. By means of adapted conveyor belts and augers, the machines can also be separated, placed and connected to each other over some distances.

Below you can see an example of a so-called "Elevator" in connection with a "Conveyor" - This machine is indispensable in filling processes where bulk goods are often still aligned or also checked for faults before the filling process. We can offer you many things in this section of the packaging process, including an elevator as shown below.

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